Meet Rialto, a modern academic marketplace for today’s librarians

Library teams are increasingly challenged to manage their collections with limited time and resources. They often spend excess time working through manual steps across multiple systems in their acquisitions workflows—time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Alma libraries can save valuable time by using Rialto, a modern marketplace that provides essential information at your fingertips to simplify print and ebook purchasing. Rialto is built on Alma, which streamlines selection and acquisition by eliminating many of the manual steps librarians do today to synchronize workflows across systems.

Rialto’s marketplace is platform-neutral, offering content from top publisher and aggregator platforms in a range of formats and acquisition models. Libraries can customize their search experience to automatically prioritize their preferred platforms, formats and models to help them quickly find the best content for their users.

Rialto has come in at the right time. Our acquisition staff find it very easy and have been using it for e-book ordering from early on...


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What’s New in Rialto


What’s New in Rialto

Rialto continues to add functionality and enhancements to support efficient workflows, collaboration, and a seamless user experience.

Review a highlight of the latest Rialto enhancements.

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Essential for librarians who value efficiency, collaboration, and ease-of-use

Rialto rebuilt the processes and flow of information to meet the needs of today’s selection and acquisition librarians



Rialto 与 Alma 在 Ex Libris 高等教育平台上统一,为图书管理员创造无与伦比的工作流程效率。



Rialto 通过标题、共享列表等实时活动指标,改善图书馆工作人员和教职员工之间的协作。



Rialto 的直观设计易于导航和快速学习。通过分组、排名和搜索结果分组,很容易找到正确的标题。

Expert Support

Expert Support

Our team of librarians and product experts is here to support you every step of the way. We will do the heavy lifting to ensure Rialto meets your library’s goals.

Rialto Publishers

Rialto’s Digital Marketplace

ProQuest’s Digital Marketplace gives librarians the option to order ebooks on their preferred platforms directly through Rialto. Adding the full Digital Marketplace to Rialto eliminates the need to purchase separately from individual platforms to simplify invoicing and other workflows. Most platforms offer DRM-free and unlimited access titles. The growing list of publisher and aggregated platforms available currently includes:

  • Bloomsbury Collections​
  • Brill​
  • Cambridge Core​
  • De Gruyter Online​
  • Ebook Central
  • Ebsco eBooks (availability varies by region)
  • Elsevier Science Direct​
  • Gale eBooks (availability varies by region)
  • IGI Global InfoSci OnDemand​
  • John Benjamins e-Platform
  • JSTOR​
  • Karger​
  • Manchester University Press
  • Ovid (from Wolters Kluwer)​
  • Oxford University Press: UPSO​
  • Project MUSE​
  • Rittenhouse R2 Digital
  • SAGE Knowledge​
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks
  • Unebook​
  • Wiley Online Library​
  • World Scientific E-books​

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