ProQuest – the most trusted name in EdTech – has been working hand-in-hand with content providers since 1938 to improve research, teaching and learning for libraries and their users. Available through award-winning platforms and all common discovery services, the ProQuest information archive includes academic journals, video, dissertations and theses, Ebooks, newspapers, periodicals, historical collections, music scores, governmental and cultural archives – an ever-growing collection of diverse and inclusive content that showcases unique perspectives and voices.

Working with ProQuest ensures your content will be discovered and used. Our industry-leading sales team will work tirelessly to extend the reach of your content in both existing and new markets and build growing revenue streams. You’ll also get added value from ProQuest’s discovery, abstracting and indexing, metadata enrichment and identifier services – along with data and analytics to help you make strategic decisions. And through it all, keep the peace of mind that we’ll properly enforce your copyright.

Nowhere in the world is there a company with wider reach, proven longevity and a better reputation for good stewardship and dissemination of such vast amounts of information.

Sam Gustman, Chief Technical Officer, USC Visual History Institute

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Working with ProQuest ensures your content will be easily discovered and widely used.



Valor añadido de los servicios de detección, abstracción e indexación, enriquecimiento de metadatos e identificadores líderes en la industria de ProQuest

Informes de uso

Informes de uso

Informes de uso detallados que proporcionan información estratégica sobre el uso de su contenido y tranquilidad sabiendo que ProQuest está haciendo cumplir sus derechos de autor

Amplía tu alcance

Amplía tu alcance

Un socio de ventas global que puede ampliar el alcance de su contenido en mercados existentes y nuevos, creando nuevas fuentes de ingresos

Socio estratégico

Socio estratégico

Gestores de cuentas experimentados y dedicados enfocados en optimizar las oportunidades de ingresos y visibilidad de su contenido dentro de los productos ProQuest

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ProQuest has been a great partner to us for many years...Their robust reporting capabilities ensure that we can make quick, evidence-based decisions about what content we make available, and when.

Michael Lyons, Business Development Manager, The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.