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10 Reasons Librarians Love Academic Video Online

Give your faculty and students the videos they need…and save money.

Faculty and students deserve access to the videos they need

Are you tired of overspending your video budget? Are you wasting precious library resources and time mediating video DDA purchases? Do you want your library to be ahead of the curve and provide innovative technology like 360 video?

Academic Video Online can solve these problems and help you innovate with the most comprehensive video subscription available to the library market. Here are 10 reasons librarians love it.

10. Never overspend on video again 

Academic Video Online’s predictable subscription model provides unlimited access to all videos – eliminating uncontrollable triggers and budget spend that keeps you up at night.

9. Save time 

With unlimited access to more than 70,000 videos, you can get back the time you’d otherwise spend on mediating your video DDA access.

8. Own instead of rent 

Why waste your budget on renting the same videos over and over again? The Academic Video Online Build by Choice feature automatically provides one eligible perpetual rights film for every $500 of your subscription cost.

7. Free media hosting 

Available with every Academic Video Online subscription, this allows you to host your own content, or content licensed by other providers where you have streaming rights.

6. Enhanced UX 

Our video interface provides fast, relevant, and contextual searching, a cinematic experience, and all the tools necessary for an academic experience such as scrolling and searchable transcripts, LTI functionality, clip-making, citations and more.

5. 360 functionality 

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology that immerses students in content like never before with the first academic streaming video platform to provide 360 content.

4. New content 

Academic Video Online always adds new videos to keep courses fresh for your faculty and students.

3. Unmatched content 

You’ll find titles from FILM PLATFORM, BBC, Sony Pictures Classics*, PBS**, A+E Networks®/History Channel, CNN, ASCD, Royal Shakespeare Company and more.

2. Exclusive content 

You’ll also find 18,000+ films not available anywhere else – including from FILM PLATFORM, Microtraining Associates, 60 MINUTES, Bloomberg Media Distribution, Stanley Milgram Experiments and more.

1. A single video solution 

This comprehensive, multidisciplinary subscription supports the entire range of curriculum, from anthropology to zoology.


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